Five ways to jazz up your designs with sequins

Time : 2022-04-26 Announcer : Yuming

Sequins are like the stars of the Haute Couture world. The little colored pieces have so much creativity hidden behind them. Do you know that until the 18th century, sequins were made up of metals like gold or silver? However, their costs didn’t allow marketing or distribution. Then was the ingenious idea of cutting sequins in sheets of gelatine. There is no denying that anyone’s wardrobe can be spiced up with a hint of Langlois Martin sequins. Even the simplest of fabrics can be easily transformed into something sassy by incorporating sequins.

How? Well, many businesses are using enticing ways to morph the plain-Jane designs into something eye-catchy and magical.  Let’s take a deep dive into their ideas and find out how you can be inspired!

From mundane to sparking

For those who don’t prefer sewing gluing is an attractive option and enterprises are even using the glue technique. It is one of the easiest and most basic ways of adding glitter to any fabric. Get some loose paillettes, your choice of fabric, and glue. Start gluing the sequins one by one with the help of tweezers, and then give them a scattered look by keeping more spaces among them. You can place the sequins on the neckline, or if you want to get a boho look, you can also glue them at equal distances along the sleeves.

Sequins on denim

Do you want a brand new look to flaunt? Then you can style up your old denim with gold or silver sequins. Get a needle, thread, sequins, and a pair of denim jackets or jeans. Create or embroider a pattern or sew a small sequin and make a circle of other flat sequins around it. Trust us, you will love the look!

Flower Appliques

Searching for an intriguingly adorable way to embellish your designs? Then make sequins flowers. They are trending right now and can be used on practically anything from suits, sarees, and dupattas to tees, tops, and gowns.

Spruce up that old shoe

Only avid shoe collectors know the value of having a beautifully designed glamorous shoe. If your shoes have become monotonous, then you can spice them up by sewing sequins on them. Create small shells, flowers, or any interesting pattern, experiment a little, and create a unique style by designing your shoes your way.

Animate your boring bag

Whether you have a clutch or a shopping bag, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an embellished bag, you can add colorful sequins to make your bag as pretty as you want. From simple to intricate, there is a myriad of ways to easily add magic to any fabric within a limited budget.


A universe closely intertwined with embroidery, sequins can instantly make any design pretty. Whether you work with typical old-world sequins or you are stepping up to the French world of Langlois Martin sequins, the only constant is creativity. Get good quality sequins that can be sewn into any fabric. The sequins must stay intact, and of course, their glamor shouldn’t fade. Looking for attractively versatile sequins for your next design? Find them at Finest Beads now!

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