Bring in the Oriental Vibe with Au Chinois Sewing Thread

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Don’t the enigmatic hues of Oriental designs inspire awe in the hearts of the spectator? Oriental designs are an all-time favorite of people who love ethnic patterns or embellished textures. However, if you want simple designs then oriental designs can still look spectacular on you. Are you looking for something remarkable to decipher your oriental vibe? Then the Au Chinois sewing thread can be your next creative weapon. How? Let’s explore.


A brief about Au Chinois sewing thread

Do you know that the name Au Chinois dates back to the period in France when Oriental was fashionable? So, with the expedition to Egypt in 1798, Orient became very popular. People loved the idea of wearing something bright, colorful, and timeless. Au Chinois was at the heart of the cultural movement in 1830, and lately, it has made a massive comeback. The waxed linen thread epitomizes luxury, and it can be used to do high-quality leatherwork. The thread is cabled which signifies that they are assembled and twisted for a second time. This increases the solidity of the thread and makes it more rounded or adaptable for leatherwork. Want to experiment with Au Chinois sewing thread? Well, here’s some inspiration for you!


How to work with Au Chinois sewing thread?

Well, Au Chinois sewing threads are no less than perfect little cocoons of sewing beauty. They are brilliant for fine embroidery, hand sewing, embellishments, and Sashiko style mending. You can also use these threads for tiny crochet, and lacework, and the solid-semi-solid threads are beautifully variegated. You can order them in sets, and they will instantly escalate the look and feel of every fabric in a jiffy.


What can you design with Au Chinois sewing thread?

With the Au Chinois sewing thread, the sky is the limit. You can create stunning patterns and designs on any cotton or silk fabric. There are these Supima fabrics that are known to be the world’s finest cotton. You can work on them as well with an Au Chinois sewing thread. Take any boring piece of fabric and glam them up with your creativity and a strand of Au Chinois sewing thread. The fabric will look spectacular, and the designs will be vibrant. All you need is the right sewing thread and an embroidery kit, and you can create wonders with your imagination. Take any old top, shorts, or even your favorite pillow cover, and you can fabricate incredible designs with a dash of your imagination. Just ensure to follow the right sewing technique, and the result will be bewitching.


The bottom line

Au Chinois sewing thread has often been related to luxury and sophistication. If you want to design something incredible with the tread, ensure to experiment. The timeless look with traditional stitching patterns can look magnificent. However, at the same time, you can also create something contemporary yet classic. Follow our design guide for more information or get our Au Chinois sewing thread and spark life into your boring fabrics with ease.

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