Beadwork- Then and Now

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Beads are like the spirit of every creative soul out there. Since time immemorial beads are being used by humans to create enticing designs through beadwork. Do you know that the oldest beads were typically naturally punctured objects? Ancient beads used to range from seeds and stones to animal teeth and shells. Fascinating, isn’t it? But, now some beads stores sell glamorously adorable beads. There are these crescent beads that give the illusion of stitching the moon on your fabric. Now, that’s what we call dreamy!


Beads then

Originally, the art of making glass beads originated in Venice. In the 14th century, beads were the trendiest addition to any piece of fabric. From there, beads sprung to different parts of Europe, including Bohemia, England, Holland, and France. Also, within the United State, there was a small bead industry. Beads were typically one of the earliest goods that Europeans traded with the Native Americans. You can find old-world clothes with beadwork. Designs like quillwork and brightly colored beads on upholstery were quite popular as they were associated with luxury. In the Indian fabric landscape as well, beadwork became quite the sensation. However, with the rapid outburst of machine sewing, beadwork slowly disappeared.


Beads now

But now, beads have made a massive comeback. They are in the trend now in many Bohemian designs. Why? Because they look extravagantly adorable. Besides, every design you create and every pattern you sew with beads is unique. No two designs will match each other. You can do beading for a versatile range of fabrics ranging from silk and satin to cotton and polyester. All you need is beads, a needle, and the right thread and your design will look unprecedently spectacular like it is designed by the runway mavericks.


How to shop for beads?

If you are going bead shopping, the best way is to buy a small amount. Purchase a small batch of beads before you make a large purchase. This can help you to assess if the quality is good or not. In this way, you can check the quality of the beads and ensure that you buy the best. In addition, you can also compare the prices to find out if the product you find is within an affordable price range or not. Double-check your items and before you buy, have a specific design in mind. For example, if you are shopping for Acros beads, make sure that you have visualized a design with the beads in it. This will aid in minimizing the wastage and you will buy only what you need.


The bottom line

Irrespective of whether you work with Czech beads or Amos beads, make sure to select a pattern that will be dramatically visible. Beadwork looks astounding when the pattern is fancy and relatively prominent. Early beadwork used thread to attach beads. Select the right beads and threads, and your design will turn out to be fabulous. Happy stitching!

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