Classic Thread Choices for the Fashion and Textile Industry

Time : 2022-05-23 Announcer : Yuming

When one thinks of the textile or the fashion industry, one generally thinks of the beads and stones. One thinks of the elaborate designs and the beautiful artistry of fabrics. But seldom do people give a second thought to what holds every little element together—sewing threads! Only people in the industry know that it is a thread that can make or break the final product. If you are someone who is trying to break into the fashion or textile manufacture and embellishment business, knowing your threads will be vital for your business. With just the proper guidance, you will be picking up the perfect sewing threads from a beads store and delivering quality products in no time!


How to select the right thread?

Before jumping right into the types and varieties of threads used in the industry, it is important to figure out what factors should determine your purchase. If you are a business owner, you won’t be buying just one spool for your embroidery kit. Considering that you will be placing bulk orders, choosing a thread that does not work for you will be a costly mistake.


So, before you place that order, keep these basic things in mind:

  • Identify the exact purpose for which you want the threads. All threads won’t serve the same purpose.
  • Check your machine’s compatibility with the thread you are considering. Different needles support different thread thicknesses.
  • The material of fabric you work with will also be a decisive factor. Whether you are working with heavy-duty fabric or fine cotton material will matter while selecting the thread.


Classic thread choices you need to know about:

If you are browsing through your options at a premium beads store, you will have access to all the four major categories of threads used in the industry. These categories, in turn, will have a plethora of different types to choose from.


Here is what you should be looking for:

  1. Fil Au Chinois: This famous name dates back to 19th century France and has a rich and fascinating history. There are six different varieties of Fil AU Chinois threads you can consider: rayon thread, invisible thread, metalized thread, variegated thread, cotton thread, and gloving thread. As the names might have already indicated, Fil AU Chinois threads offer a wide range of usability. They can be used on leather items like bags, intricate embroideries, lacework, and luxurious fabric.
  2. Gutermann: Gutermann rayon threads have been the top choice for the textile embellishment industry. The threads are known for their excellent silk-like sheen, making them the perfect pick for ornamental stitches.
  3. Art Fiber Endo: Art Fiber Endo offers a versatile range of threads. There are seven varieties of this thread which include Chenille, Soutache, Ribbon, Metal, and Habotai thread. The sot, fluffy Chenille is often the top choice for applique on textiles. Metal threads are a staple in textile embellishment and embroidery. If you are in the jewelry-making industry, Soutache might be the ideal option to consider.
  4. Au Ver A Soie: The Au Ver A Soie offers three variants to customers. There is vibrant Ovale, lovely Surfine, and hued Packs Nuances. All are silk threads, meaning that their texture and shine are unmatched. You can also depend on their tensile strength and carry on needlework without any qualms.


What next?

You have now gained an insight into the industry favorites! There is nothing left but to walk up to a beads store and confidently select the thread. If you are unsure about where you can place your order, consider Finestbeads for all your needs. They are a leading retailer and wholesaler of items like beads, sequins, pearls, stones, embroidery tools, and of course, sewing thread. You will not only get quality products but also excellent customer service!

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