Magical Charm & Enchantments of Crescent Beads

Time : 2022-05-28 Announcer : Yuming

The crescent moon has a special place in Greek Mythology. It is associated with the Greek Goddess Selene, which is why it embodies female empowerment. Crescent-shaped beads are becoming incredibly popular because of their whimsical aesthetics in jewelry. The crescent shape has deep spiritual and mystical connotations which make them a brilliant alternative for charming jewelry.


Crescent Beads have a special charm of their own. It is shaped like a crescent moon, and it is inspired by the idea of moon magic. Crescent beads can make any hand-made jewelry and other beadwork seem extraterrestrial. Crescent beads are rare to find. Only a good online beads store hosts a collection of top-quality crescent-shaped beads.


Features of a Crescent Bead

The beads are made of glass material and they come in a variety of colors and textures. A world-class online beads store offers you the retail option of choosing from an assorted collection of Crescent Beads.


The best thing about crescent beads is that they will wiggle your brain muscles and push you to think outside the box! The crescent beads have a convex as well as a concave side. This makes them highly functional and versatile in usage. Crescent beads are a hot favorite with creative artists who aim to make signature designs of exquisite art jewelry. Another unique thing about crescent beads is that they are never intended for flat jewelry designs. Their special shape allows you to make 3D spatial designs! Whether it is a bracelet or a pair of earrings, crescent beads are a natural choice for creating super-attractive mystical designs.


How to Create Designs with Crescent Beads

  • With crescent beads, you can create stunning floral designs in a 3D pattern. The curved surface of the crescent bead is apt for representing petals.
  • A crescent bead has a large surface. As such, seed beads and other tiny beads can be attached to them. By adding smaller-sized beads to the surface of the crescent beads any jewelry or beadwork can look more elaborate and therefore more exquisite.
  • A lot of spatial design patterns are possible with the curved surface of crescent beads, like spirally twisted bracelets, clawed or pointy pattern jewelry, a crescent bead chain necklace etc.
  • Reversible jewelry is possible only with crescent beads because of their unique design.


The Best Sizes and Dimensions of Crescent Beads

The best ones in the crescent bead category are the Czech glass beads. The term “Czech” derives from the country of the same name, i.e., the Czech Republic. These are glass beads known for their highly uniform curved surfaces. These world-renowned and top-quality beads are preferred by most retailers as well as wholesalers across the globe.


The crescent beads are reversible beads as both surfaces are equally polished and well-designed. You can layer them with other beads and make innumerable creative designs. They are great “spacers” and masters of multi-strand style.


These usually come in the optimum size of 3×10 mm. You can buy these beads online from a globally renowned retailer in packages starting from 10 grams up to 100 grams. There are approximately 80 pieces of beads in a 10-gram package. The diameter of each of the holes is less than 1 mm.


So go for the best online beads store that offers world-class beads to its global customers.

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