Exciting Different Types of Seed Beads

Time : 2022-06-20 Announcer : Yuming

Seed beads are tiny, colorful, and a glimmer box of happiness. You can style them in various patterns to create beautiful neckpieces, earrings, and more. With so many shapes, finishes and colors to choose from, seed beads are one of the best to get your hands on. In this blog, we explain to you the different types of seed beads and their best applications. When browsing a beads store for your favorite seed beads, you can typically find the following types of seed beads.


Types of seed beads:


Round or Rocailles

These are the signature seed beads that are perfectly spherical. When we hear of seed beads, these are the ones that strike our minds. Round beads or Rocailles seed beads are available in different sizes such as 10/0, 11/0, 15/0, etc. Always remembers that as the number of the bead size gets smaller, the bead gets bigger. The round seed beads have always been a traditional choice for embroidery, earrings, bracelets, and other commonly found jewelry items.

Round Beads


Matubo 3-Cut Seed Beads

3 cut seed beads are a special kind of seed beads that have three facets rather than being round. The beads have edges which create a much more glamorous appearance to the jewelry or embroidery where they are used. Because of their flat surfaces, the three cut seed beads can be easily stacked with each other to create a clean and uniform look. You can use them for neckpieces, earrings, handbags, bracelets, etc.

Matubo Beads


2-cut seed beads

The two cut beads or the hex beads are glass tubes cut in a hexagon shape. These seed beads are often presented in shimmery and shiny textures that help add the perfect glam factor to your art. The six distinct surfaces on these beads make them suitable for looming and embroidery. Another great use of 2 cut seed beads or hex beads is incorporating them in bracelets and bangles.

2 cut seed beads


Bugle Seed Beads

As the name suggests, bugle seed beads are uniquely tube-shaped seed beads available in different variants. Mostly, they are available in smooth or twisted designs and are an excellent alternative for stringing and weaving patterns.

Bugle seed beads



Seed beads are one of the most versatile beads for creating unique masterpieces. Are you keen on making handmade bead jewelry or embroidery? You might be looking for some colorful and versatile beads. Whether you have decided to get splendid 3-cut seed beads or some colorful pendants, head to Finest Beads. They are the ultimate stop to all your beading needs for both retail and wholesale. Order the best quality beads from their website today!




What makes 3-cut seed beads so special?

3-cut seed beads are trimmed to have three facets. These multiple facets add an extra spark to the seed beads and look super elegant on their own.

Does the best beads store deal wholesale?

Yes, they deal in wholesale beads in both retail and wholesale with discount coupons.

Does the beads store offer needles and embroidery kits too?

Absolutely! They offer a wide range of embroidery supplies like threads, needles, goldwork, metal parts, and a complete embroidery kit.

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