Ginko Beads: The Secret Behind Snakeskin Jewelry

Time : 2022-06-20 Announcer : Yuming

We all have once got our hands on the magnificent snakeskin bracelet and other beaded jewelry pieces. However, have you wondered how this beautiful snakeskin pattern is created? It neither looks like traditional round beads nor the usual crystals; then, what are these unique beads? The answer is – Ginko leaf beads. That’s right, the elegant snakeskin bracelets you relish are made from Ginko beads. This blog will discuss Ginko beads and some cool beading ideas you can achieve with these charming beads.


What are Ginko beads?

Ginko beads are shaped like ginkgo plant leaves and usually come with two holes. These beads can be easily characterized by their unique shape and two flat sides. These beads are generally used for snakeskin pattern jewelry and handicrafts since they are easy to stack into exciting patterns. They are primarily produced in metallic and iridescent colors to create a mesmerizing illusion. However, you can find monotone opaque Ginko beads quickly as well.


Amazing Ginko Bead Applications

  • Adjustable snakeskin bracelet – To make the iconic snakeskin bracelet, you need stretchable string, Ginko two-hole beads (preferably iris shades), beading thread, needle, and clasp. This eye-captivating pattern can be created by closely sewing down three rows of Ginko leaf beads. While sewing them, pass the string from one hole of each Ginko bead perfectly stacked like a lock and key mechanism.
  • Snakeskin clutch – Similar to the snakeskin bracelet, you can sew the same scaly pattern on a small handheld clutch. You can choose metallic gold, bronze, or silver Ginko beads for a more party-perfect look.
  • Floral or fan earrings – You can create this simple yet elegant earring design by placing four Ginko leaf beads facing outwards with one common center. Another amazing pattern is fan earrings, where you put three Ginko beads together, facing downwards like drops.


Where to get the best quality Ginko beads?

Czech Ginko beads are famous for their high-quality glass material and precision cuts. They are generally produced in the Czech Republic, where the beads get their name. The best part about these Ginko beads is that they are available in matte, glossy textures and metallic shades! One can easily find Iris blue, pink, brown, etc., typically used to create the iconic snakeskin jewelry. The iridescent appearance of these beads is best suited to depict reptile scales.



Ginko beads are unique and charming because of their iconic shape. These beads can be ideal for your next snakeskin jewelry project in different textures and colors. The global beads store is here to cater to all your beading needs. They deal in retail and wholesale with international shipping. Order your batch of glistening Ginko beads today.




How do Ginko beads get their name?

The unique Ginko beads get their name from the Ginko plant leaves since their shape resembles.


Are Ginko beads available in matte texture as well?

You can find Ginko beads in both matte and glossy surfaces in different colors and sizes.


Does the best beads store deliver to the US or UK?

Yes, they currently ship worldwide with quick 72 hours of dispatch time.


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