Easy Jewelry Making With Rulla Beads

Time : 2022-06-20 Announcer : Yuming

When you start beading, making beaded jewelry is one of the most common and exciting things to try. The first thing to making beaded jewelry is getting suitable beads. Whether creating it for yourself, your store, or even as a gift for your loved ones, it has to be creative and pretty! You can find ample beads at the beads store, such as seeds, table cuts, pendants, etc. However, have you ever tried the unique ‘Rulla beads’?


These fun and versatile two-hole beads are perfect for easily making sophisticated patterns. So, let’s learn more about Rulla beads and some interesting ways to try them out.


What are Rulla beads?

Rulla beads are cylindrical or barrel-shaped beads with two holes on both ends. Since they are double-holed, they are quite versatile and easy to style on jewelry, embroidery, etc. In addition, their cylindrical shape makes them perfect for geometrical patterns. Rulla beads also fall under the umbrella term of Czech glass beads. Rulla beads typically come in 5×3 mm size in a variety of lovely colors suitable for different projects.


Cool Rulla beads patterns to try:


  • Herringbones stitch – Rulla beads are the ideal pick to create the iconic herringbone bracelets and embroidery. Because of their cylindrical shape, they sit with each other ideally to create an intricate herringbone pattern. You can add a contrasting middle row of Rulla beads to make the jewelry look more stylish.
  • Focal point – Because Rulla beads have much of an edgy shape rather than typical round beads, you can use them as accents. For example, you can incorporate Rulla bead patterns to balance a large portion of seed beads. Pick a bright or contrasting shade of Rulla beads to make it pop out!
  • Rulla bead necklace– Get out your beading thread, clasps, wire cutter, and Rulla beads to create a stunning neckpiece. Like the herringbone stitch jewelry, you can use Rulla beads to create exquisite neckpieces. You can follow a simple stringing method incorporating Rulla beads with seed or pellet beads to make floral, herringbone, and peyote necklaces.



Rulla beads are fun and versatile beads to add life to your handicrafts. Whether you want to make the iconic herringbone stretch jewelry or some embroidered geometrical patterns, Rulla beads can be the ideal choice. If you wish to order these lovely and colorful beads, head to Finest Beads’ international beads store. They are the complete solution to all your beading needs with the best quality Czech glass beads in retail and wholesale.




Are Rulla beads available in matte texture?

Yes, Rulla beads are readily available in matte and glossy textures in many colors.


How big are the holes in Rulla beads?

Typically, Rulla beads have two holes each of 0.7 mm in diameter.


Does the best bead store provide doorstep delivery for wholesale Rulla beads?

Yes, they offer international shipping for both retail and wholesale beads. Not just Rulla beads, you can choose from a myriad of beads, crystals, pendants, and beading tools.


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