Essential Cleaning Tips for Your Beaded Jewelry

Time : 2022-08-23 Announcer : Yuming

People often complain about the loss of shine and luster of their favorite beaded jewelry. There are also instances where the beading falls apart, or the beads break while in storage. How can you prevent that? Similar to any jewelry material, beads do not have a shelf life. It means they stay good as new forever. The catch point here is the upkeep! How well do you maintain your beaded jewelry? Do you clean them properly? Factors such as these play a significant role in ensuring the glint and glamour of your beaded jewelry. If the cleaning and maintenance methods are wrong, even the best quality beads from the top beads store won’t make a difference. So, adopt the following tips to keep your beaded jewelry in the best shape for years to come.


Beaded Jewelry Cleaning Tips for You

Hereunder, we have shared a few tips and tricks to help you maintain your jewelry made from beads.


Regular Care

Like any other jewelry pieces like gold, silver, precious/semi-precious stones, etc. Your beaded jewelry needs regular care. You need to clean and store them properly when not in use. How you do those things determines the fate of your jewelry. If you follow a regimen for cleaning and maintenance, your jewelry remains as good as new for a long time. Do not sleep wearing your jewelry; make sure to take them off. Wipe them before storing them to clean any dust or dirt on the bead. Keep your beaded jewelry in a soft velvet-lined box or pouch.


Cleaning Solutions

It is okay to use toothpaste on silver jewelry. But never use that on your beaded jewelry. Wiping with a soft cloth is the best way to clean the beads. If you need a thorough clean-up, use mild detergent and water. Don’t dip it in the solution. Just moist the cloth and wipe the beads gently. Do not use any chemical solution for your beads. It will cause a reaction and damage the shine. Beads in different shapes like cube beads, melon beads, etc., need a thorough wipe down from time to time.


Keep them dry

It’s essential to keep the beaded jewelry dry. After use and before storage make sure that the jewelry is moisture free. Don’t blow-dry the jewelry; only air-dry it. Moisture can ruin the natural shine of the beads. So, avoid moisture at all costs. Avoid taking a shower or swimming with beaded jewelry and even if you do, ensure they are dry before storage.


Avoid Cramped Storage

Don’t huddle all your beaded jewelry in a single tight storage. Also, it is best not to mix it with other metals like silver, gold, or platinum. If you store too many pieces in a single box or pouch, it causes friction, which is not good for the jewelry.



Do follow these tips to clean and store your beaded jewelry. If you want to source quality cube beads or paisley duo beads, we have the store for you! Check out the collection of Finest Beads, an online store dedicated to beads, available at wholesale prices and in hundreds of varieties.

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