World Famous Czech Beads: Ginko Beads and Characteristics

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If you are into jewelry making and beading, you must be familiar with Czech beads. Or every time you visit a beads store, Czech beads must be one of the first things to see. There are many types of Czech beads one can find such as ginko, gem duo, matubo, etc. Have you ever wondered why they are named this way? Well this blog focuses on ginko beads and gives a gist of Czech beads industry where these beads are manufactured.

What are Ginko beads?

Ginko beads are uniquely shaped beads that resemble the leaves of the Ginko plant. Today, these beads are available in a variety of finishes, colours, and transparency making them super versatile. This bead offers countless design options, thanks to its two stringing holes. Due to its unique and highly versatile form, you can combine them into exciting shapes and patterns. For example, the iconic snake skin bracelet uses ginko beads since they come together and give an illusion of scales. No matter which jewellery you are making, these beads will inspire you to be creative every time!

Ginko beads manufacturing industry

Ginko beads come under the category of renowned Czech beads. The cottage industry continues to be a crucial component in producing Czech beads today. For instance, after the beads are made, families frequently supply them to big companies that distribute and export them. This collaborative technique generates income for these families. Meanwhile the legacy of small businesses and cottage industry manufacturing these beads remain intact.

Today, the adoption of modern cutting-edge production techniques and equipment has let the Czechs refine their skill of creating glass beads. Therefore, ginko beads are strong, consistently formed, incredibly smooth, and available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. All thanks to decades of experimenting and development.

Characteristic of Ginko beads (Czech Beads)

Here’s why ginko beads are the perfect glass beads for your next jewelry project.

  • High quality: Since they are a type of Czech glass beads, they are produced with high precision and standardization, maintaining their quality & reputation.
  • Stylish: From cute melons to intricate ginko beads, the variety will blow your mind.
  • Consistent: Czech glass beads are known for their consistent quality, which is ideal for making high-value products.
  • Durable: They are made from pressed fire-polished glass.
  • Affordable: Czech beads are a perfect example of high-quality products at relatively lower prices. 

Bottom Line

Czech beads or Bohemian beads are art on their own. The rich history and exceptional quality of these beads make them perfect for any project. But you don’t need to fly all the way to the Czech Republic to get those beautiful beads! That’s right; Finest Beads is an online destination where you can order all types of Czech beads. From stylish rulla, flat duo, and crescent to unique ginko beads, and more, find your ideal variety of glass beads for any project. So, are you ready to get your hands on these beautiful Czech beads? Visit the online beads store today!

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