Arcos Beads for the Expert Craftsmen

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If you are a handicraft enthusiast who loves beadwork Arcos beads can be your best friend. These beautiful Czech glass beads can spruce up any handmade trinket, and the best part is these beads are a brilliant option for adding a touch of Bohemian glamor to any piece. If you deal in crafts or specialize in artwork made with beads, then Arcos beads from Finest Beads can help you ace your beadwork. How? Read on to find out!

What are acros beads?

There are countless varieties of beads in a bead store. However, Arcos beads are quite distinguishable due to their unique styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. Any bead can be termed as an across bead if:

  • They are seed-shaped
  • They are three-holed
  • They are relatively thicker than the typical crescent beads
  • They have a distinct crescent shape 

Benefits of using Arcos beads

Arcos beads are versatile at best. These beads offer several benefits, including the following:

  • You can pair them with Minos beads, rocailles, other types of seed beads, and more, and they will play well with any bead while looking uniform in the design.
  • Craftsmen don’t need to pack these beads into a design densely to create something stunning. You can also create relatively sparse patterns with Arcos beads to make an excellent statement.
  • Arcos beads are a great cost-effective alternative because small sets of these beads can also go a long way in curating an enticingly gorgeous design.
  • These beads look bewitching if you are creating circular patterns.

Their substantial thickness and distinct shape make them every craftsman’s dream. Wondering how you can work with Arcos beads? Read on to explore!

  • Check the placement of the hole. Arcos beads have three distinct hole placements along their curved surface. If you want to create an effortless beadwork pattern, the first step is to gather all the beads and check every hole to ensure they are not blocked. Sometimes beads have blocked holes due to the glass shaping process. Thus, you need to check if your beads have any blockages before you start the beadwork.
  • Hold the beads with the right side up. This is one of the most obvious mistakes that beginners do. When you pick an Arcos bead, make sure to pick it from the right side. If the needles with strings slip into the wrong holes, this can ruin any pattern, hence running your entire design. Therefore, devote attention to detail before adding an Arcos bead to your design. Trust us, the end result will come out fantastic.


If you run a business that involves delivering crafts to customers within a reasonable price range, getting beads in bulk from a renowned beads store can come in handy. Buying in bulk reduces the overhead costs, and you can get different varieties from a single store. Besides, you can choose the quantity according to whether you would be using the beads for fabrics, trinkets, jewelry, or more. Searching for a reliable beads store? Check out the collection at Finest Beads now!

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