5 Most Interesting Facts About Czech Beads

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Czech beads are one of the most popular and beautiful beads used for jewelry making. While purchasing beads, you must have come across these beads. However, you may not be aware of the history and facts about the Czech glass beads. Well, if you are curious to know about the ancient bead type, here are some of the prominent facts you must know.

Let’s take a look!

1. Czech Beads Existed Before the Czech Republic

Did you know that the Czech beads actually existed much before the Czech Republic? It might be surprising for you. However, it is a real fact. The name of the bead has been kept after the Czech Republic. But Czech glass beads production began back in ancient Egypt time. During the 1550s, the name of the Czech Republic was Bohemia. Glass beads were quite successful in Bohemia owing to the abundance of resources like sand, water, and quartz. Other factors that contributed to the success of the glass beads in the region are the inquisitiveness and creativity of the Bohemian people. Ultimately, the Czech beads became popular for their unique look and beauty.

2. Czech Beads are Available in Different Colors

One of the best things about the Czech beads is that they are available in plenty of visually appealing colors. Ever wondered about the way in which the glass gets the color? It’s all a result of the continuous experimentation of the ancient glassmakers. Through experiments and accidents, they learned to add some substances to the glass melt for the production of unique colors. From ruby gold to cobalt blue, you can easily get Czech beads in various colors.

3. Czech Beads are Known for their Quality

Not just looks, the fire polished beads are well known among jewelry makers for their quality. If you want to make jwellery pieces from the best quality materials that will last longer, Czech beads are just the right option. These beads are consistent in size, shape, and even beauty. Moreover, they are extremely smooth, well-shaped, and durable.

4. Czech Beads Can be Coated

Coating the Czech bead is simple and easy. The coatings help in adding color to the beads. It offers the beads a matte or glossy look. You can choose between glossy, pastel, transparent, and metallic coatings.

5. Czech Beads are Fire Polished and Pressed Glass

Have you ever thought about how Czech beads are made? The Czech beads are actually made by pressing and fire polishing the glass. To produce these beads, the artisans take heated glass and press them into molds. The beads usually take the shape of a mold To make the beads appear shiny and smooth, they are fire polished. The fire polished beads have a beautiful glow that easily grabs the attention of people toward your jewelry.


Czech beads are indeed the ideal beads for jwellery making for several reasons. If you want to use Czech beads in your beaded jewelry projects, make sure to get them from reputed bead stores. Looking for a reliable Czech beads store? Finest Beads is a top choice for you.

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