Find Out the Different Finishes of Seed Beads

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Seed beads are quite popular and used in different beaded jewelry projects. The size, shape, and easy availability make it a prominent choice among jewelry markers. It is also available in a wide array of finishes and colors. Are you planning to use the Czech seeds beads in your next project? If yes, here are some of the popular finishes you must know about.

Let’s dive in!

  • Transparent

One of the most common finishes of seed beads is transparent beads. The transparent seed beads are usually tinted and clear. That means you can easily see through the beads. Even if they are made up of colored glass, you can see through them. Moreover, these beads allow light to pass through them.

  • Opaque

The opaque 2 cut seed beads have a solid color. Such beads do not allow light to pass through them. Opaque seed beads are generally used by jewelry makers for designing attractive beaded necklaces and bracelets.

  • Metallic

If you want a shining look for your beaded jewelry, then it is best to use metallic finish seed beads. The finish has an appearance of metals. You can find metallic finish beads in different colors, such as gold, copper, bronze, and silver tones. In comparison to other finishes, the metallic finish offers an extra shiny coating to the jewelry pieces.

  • Silk

The Czech seed beads with a silk finish have a silky whiteness. They have a satin finish and a smooth surface. The silk finish seed beads can be used regularly without any problem. The color will not change even with regular use.

  • Iris

Iris is one of the unique finishes of the seed beads. It is an iridescent finish that is applied to the darker-colored beads. When you see the seed beads with an Iris finish, it will appear as if it has multiple hues. For instance, the orange iris beads will have some yellow and some red hues. Similarly, the blue iris beads will have some purple and some green hues.

  • Galvanized

In the seed beads of galvanized finish, a metal coating is provided for a very shiny finish. These beads are quite attractive to the eyes owing to their shine and appealing look. However, a point to remember is that the coating is likely to wear away with the passage of time.

  • Dyed

Dyed seed beads are the ones that are coated with a specific colored dye. You can use these beads for your beading project to ensure a colorful look. But the color might fade away over time.

  • Matte

The matte finish seed beads have a frosted and velvety appearance. They are usually not too shiny. However, they offer an elegant look to the jewelry pieces.


By now, you must be aware of all the prominent types of finishes of seed beads. Based on your preference and requirement, you can select the right one for your beading project. If you are in search of a bead store for 2 cut seed beads or Czech beads, Finest Beads is the perfect option for you. Explore the wide collection of beads and place your order right away!

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