Best Ways to Differentiate Between Glass, Crystal, and Plastic Beads

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Beads are available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. When using beads for jewelry making, it is quite easy to get confused between the beads. Therefore, it is vital to understand the differences between the common types of beads. The most common beads used in jewelry-making projects are plastic, glass, and crystal beads.

Here are the best ways you can easily differentiate between these beads.

  • Weigh the Beads

One of the easiest and simplest ways of knowing the difference between the beads is to weigh them. You can try to feel the weight of the beads by holding them in your hand. However, if you want accurate weights, you can make use of a small scale. The plastic beads are usually the lightest. The crystal beads are heavier than the plastic beads. On the other hand, glass beads are much heavier than plastic and even some crystal beads.

  • Check the Temperature

You might be inquisitive to know how checking the temperature can help in knowing the difference between the beads. Well, it is quite simple. The temperature test works best to identify the glass beads among the other beads. All you need to do is keep all the beads on the table without touching them. Then pick up the beads and see if they feel warm or cold. The glass beads usually provide a cold feeling.

  • Evaluate the Surface

Another simple way of determining the material of different beads is by evaluating their surfaces. All you have to do is touch the surface of the different beads. When there is a line on the bead, it is undoubtedly a plastic bead. However, differentiating between crystal beads and glass beads can be a little tricky. A point to note here is that the Preciosa crystal beads are usually textured and gritty. On the other hand, the glass beads have a smooth surface.

  • Test the Sound

Beads made from different materials have unique sounds. So, bumping the beads together can tell a lot about the bead type. However, make sure to perform the sound test in a quiet area. It will enable you to hear the sounds clearly. Also, keep your ears close to the beads. The plastic beads do not make much sound. On the other hand, glass beads produce sounds like the clinking of wine glasses.

  • Head the Beads

Another way of determining the material of the beads is by the heat test. Take a safety pin and heat the end using a lighter. Once the pin is red, you need to use it to prick the beads. In case the bead melts, then it is plastic. However, there will be no effect of the heated pin on the glass and crystal beads.


Testing the materials of the beads and finding the difference is easy. Using the techniques listed above can help you easily determine the beads. If you are looking for the best quality beads, Finest Beads is the right store. Whether you want glass beads, seed beads, or round beads, you can find them all in one place.

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