How to get started with crystal beads for jewelry making?

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Crystal beads are a great way to accentuate any outfit. Jewelry made from these beautiful beads are always considered sophisticated and classy. They are known for their timeless look, shine and high light reflective attributes. Like Crescent beads, they are preferred by jewelry enthusiasts to create unique pieces of jewelry.

Crystal beads in general are made from glass. They are cut to form several facets. It may seem intimidating for beginners to start working with this bead type but the following guide will help you navigate your way through crystal bead jewelry making.

What are the factors to consider while making jewelry with crystal beads?

There are five factors to consider before you start your journey with crystal bead jewelry making and they are given below: –

  1. Jewelry Type: – The first step of planning crystal bead jewelry is determining the jewelry type. Whether you choose to make a necklace or a bracelet, determining the jewelry type will help you allocate resources. It will also be helpful if you can determine the occasion or the event that you want to design the jewelry for.
  2. Influences: – Finding influences is a key factor when it comes to designing your crystal bead jewelry. Professional jewelry makers tend to gravitate towards incorporating cultural influences while designing their jewelry. However special care must be taken to avoid appropriation of culture. As a beginner, you can choose to seek simple, minimalistic, modern-looking palettes and designs to sketch out your design.
  3. Identifying the centerpiece: – The centerpiece or the focal point is the most attractive portion of your jewelry. Jewelry enthusiasts choose to buy pieces that have an intricate and artistic centerpiece. While beginners choose to centralize their focal point, more experienced jewelers tend to make one-of-a-kind statement bead jewelry which doesn’t have a centralized focal point.
  4. Choosing the right materials and the right size: – Crystal beads are available in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. Make sure to choose the right bead size to create stunning designs. Moreover, the materials that you will be using along with the beads should also match the aesthetics of your design.
  5. Quality of the material: – Good quality crystal beads are attractive to look at and have a distinctive shine. Moreover, when it is paired with other materials such as gemstones, pearls, shells and beads can enhance their look.  Poor-quality beads lack a distinctive shell and aren’t durable.

The main difference lies in the amount of lead in the crystal beads. Beads with a higher composition of lead have reflective qualities whereas beads with a lower composition of lead do not carry any reflective qualities. Beads that have a lower composition of lead are also cheaper and aren’t a good choice for making long-lasting pieces of jewelry.

Therefore, by closely examining the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to start your journey with crystal bead jewelry making. Looking for crystal, crescent and other such high-quality beads, browse through our range of collections.

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