How to make DIY jewelry with round beads?

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The basic component of any jewelry is a bead. The origin of beads can be traced back to 100O years ago when a pair of beads were made from snail shells. They were also used as means of trade and currency and are now an essential part of self-expression in the 21st century. As beginners in the arena of jewelry making bead jewelry can help you take your first step.

What are the basic requirements for getting started with round bead jewelry making?

 To get started with jewelry making you will need a basic kit containing a sufficient number of round beads, beading wire, and a beading needle. You can also choose other bead types such as spike beads, Czech beads or Amos beads. You will be able to find most of these at your local DIY supply store or online.

Once you have your supplies you can start designing a basic sketch for your jewelry. It can be a necklace, bracelet or earring, provided that you have a sufficient number of round beads for your project.

How to make a set of bead necklaces and earrings with round beads?

  1. Gather your supplies and arrange your work space: – Choose a sufficient number of round beads for your project. Gather your supplies to start working on your project. Once you have gathered your supplies make sure to choose an area that has sufficient light and space. Jewelry making requires a lot of light and as well as time therefore a well-lit area can be of significant help to you.
  2. Stringing the beads: – For this procedure, you will require a beading wire and a beading needle. You can start by securing a round bead at the end of your wire. Make sure to tightly secure your head at the end of your wire. After this process you can start inserting the beads into the beading wire. In case you are using a beading chain make sure to insert the round bead into the headpin with the help of a plier. Secure the open end by tying it up in a small loop.
  3. Finishing up the necklace or the earring: – Once you have finished inserting the round beads you can either secure the jewelry by tying your beading wire into a knot, simply wrapping the beading wire tightly or by adding a clasp.
  4. Storing of Jewellery: – To store your newly made jewelry you will require a container or a space that is safe, clean and dry. Your jewelry might get tangled if you choose to store them alongside too many items.

Choose a soft cloth bag to prevent your jewelry from getting tangled or tarnished. You should avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme temperatures, humidity or bright sunlight for optimum retention of bead color and shine.

Thus, by knowing the fundamentals of creating jewelry you too can create the jewelry of your dreams from the comfort of your home.

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