A Basic Guide to Seed Beads

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Seed Beads are an essential part of human history. They can be dated back up to 700 years. Initially, seed beads had a different purpose. They were used for trade, and as a symbol of status. Later they were crafted into jewelry, purses, clothes and even curtains and rugs.

Nowadays seed beads are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Moreover, advancements in the field of bead production have resulted in the production of layered beads that have a unique shine and can last for years to come.

How to choose the best-shaped seed bead?

Shaped beads are primarily available in 5 shapes. Each of these bead shapes can provide your jewelry with a unique finished look.

  1. Cube- Shaped Beads: – These bead shapes are available in three main sizes that are 1.5mm,3mm, and 4mm. They are preferred for designing bracelets and necklaces that have a mosaic appearance.
  2. Bugle- Shaped Beads: – These beads have a long tube-like appearance and are available in a variety of sizes. They are commonly stitched to fabric or leather. For jewelry making quite often a round bead is placed around these beads as this bead type is equipped with sharp edges.
  3. Fringe or drop-shaped beads: – These beads are water drop or rain drop shaped. It is equipped with one hole at the top so that it can be strung with a thread. It is commonly used for making bracelets, pendants and earrings.
  4. Two Hole Seed Beads:- These seed beads are equipped with unique placement of holes that is one on each end of the bead. They are commonly known as 2 cut seed beads. These seed beads can create completely different designs or can be strung using the regular method.
  5. Two Hole Tile Shaped beads: – These beads are similar to the two-hole seed beads the primary difference lies in the structure of the beads. The structure of the beads is tile shaped and the holes of the beads run parallel to each other. This bead type is commonly used for designing bracelets. 

How to choose the best quality seed beads?

  1. Specifications: – Make sure to thoroughly check aspects such as the performance, functionality, and price of the bead before buying. It is also essential to thoroughly check the technical specification to ensure that the bead is right for your project.
  2. Brand: –Choose a well-known brand that offers high-quality products and offers outstanding customer service.
  3. Rating: – Customer ratings can help you immensely in understanding whether your preferred bead is of good quality. Overall customer satisfaction is an essential parameter to be considered.
  4. Durability: – Look through the product description to understand whether your preferred seed bead is durable or not. Durability plays an important part in determining whether your jewelry will last for a prolonged period or not.

Thus, knowing the details of various seed bead types will give you the confidence to choose the right kind of seed beads.

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