How to get started with chilli beads

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Chilli beads are known for their distinctive look and design. It is preferred by jewellery makers because of its distinctive almost teardrop-like shape. It is used quite often to create floral jewellery design patterns. This chilli bean-shaped bead is an excellent choice for creating interesting textures, shapes and patterns for your beaded jewellery.

They are available in a variety of colours and can therefore be added to any kind of jewellery design or pattern. They are generally available as two-holed beads with a smooth finish.

How to use chilli beads?

Given below are certain ways through which you can get started with chilli beads: –

1. Check the holes: –It is essential to check the holes of the beads before you start using them. In certain instances, dirt and debris may be lodged inside which can prevent the passing of the thread.

This problem can disrupt your jewellery-making process thus you should ensure that your bead holes are clear before you add them to your beadwork.

2. Sketch out the design based on the shape of the design: – Take the shape of the bead into account while sketching out your jewellery design and pattern. Additionally, make sure that you are inserting the jewellery wire or thread from the correct side.

Starting your beading from the wrong bead hole or the wrong side may not create the distinctive jewellery look or the design that you are trying to create.

3. Make sure that you are inserting the wire into the correct hole: – A lot of beginner DIY enthusiasts tend to struggle with two-holed beads. Quite often beginners tend to insert the wire or the thread through the wrong bead hole which then ends up disrupting the jewellery-making process.  Therefore, while working with chilli beads you must be familiar with the thread paths of your design.

This way you can minimize the risk of accidentally slipping the beading thread through the wrong hole. Additionally, you can also choose a well-lit area or install additional lights in your work area to minimize the chances of errors.

4. Work with the beads: – It is essential to familiarize yourself with this bead type before you start working on your project. Shaped multi-holed beads can be slightly tricky if you are not familiar with the looks they can create.

You can try some simple designs first to familiarize yourself with the bead type. Once you are aware of the kind of effects this bead type can offer, you will be able to create the jewellery of your dreams in no time.

Chilli beads and gemduo beads can help you create stunning pieces of jewellery. They are an excellent option for creating floral bracelets and textured necklaces. Experienced jewellery makers prefer this bead type as they can create remarkable designs by easily adding various levels, dimensions and textures. Therefore, by knowing your way around this bead type you can get started on your journey with chilly beads.

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