How To Make Jewelry with Pip Beads?

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Bead jewelry making is perhaps a favorite activity among all DIY jewelry enthusiasts. With so many bead types now available online and in the markets, bead jewelry making offers a lot to beginners and experienced jewelry makers.

Pip beads and arcos beads are popular choices amongst beading enthusiasts who like to create floral patterns and intricate designs. There are several ways to use them in beading designs, bead embroidery and in off loom stitches. They are preferred to create stunning pieces of floral and patterned earrings, necklaces and bracelets. In this blog post, we will explore the ways to make jewelry using pip bead earrings.

How to get started with pip bead earring jewelry making?

It is essential to determine what kind of jewelry you are planning to make before you start your project. You can also choose to sketch out a rough design or choose a design that you would like to incorporate. Given below is a detailed guide to help you start your journey with pip beads: –

1. Gather your materials:- To get started with pip bead jewelry making you will need a sufficient amount of pip beads, appropriate seed beads, filigrees (for making earrings), Beading thread, beading needle, super glue, cutters, jump rings and files.

Make sure you are equipped with everything before you start your project. This will prevent any inconvenience caused due to lack of materials.

2. Secure your Filigree:- While starting with bead earring making it is essential to make sure that your frame doesn’t have any exposed pieces. File your filigree and get rid of any sharp parts that may be protruding from it. Make sure that your frame has enough holes for the needle to pass through it. You can choose to make additional holes if you want to.

3. Start Beading:– Start your beading process by adding a stop bead to your beading thread. Then add pip beads and seed beads according to your design. Sew through all of the beads at least twice to secure the beads

4. Attach it to the filigree:– Once you’re done with the above-mentioned steps attach the exposed threads to the designated hole of the filigree. Repeat the process according to your design and until there isn’t any space left on the filigree.

Make sure to sew several times through the holes of the filigree to secure the beads firmly. Additionally make sure that you are sewing from the bottom so that the knots aren’t visible from the front.

5. Add the finishing touches:- Fix your round bead to secure your design. Make sure to sew the bead at least twice to secure it properly. Add sufficient seed beads and secure your knot properly to create your design. Additionally, you can use super glue to seal your knots. Add proper jump rings that suit your design style to finish up your ear ring project,

Thus, with the above-mentioned steps you will be able to navigate through pip bead jewelry making without any hassles.

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