How to take care of your jewelry?

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Preservation of jewelry is probably one of the biggest concerns of any jewelry lover. Whether they are precious or semi-precious beaded jewelry made from ginko beads or table cut beads proper care and maintenance of jewelry is of utmost importance to retain the shine and for jewelry to last for a prolonged time.

A common misconception that a lot of jewelry owners have is that the maintenance of jewelry is a time taking and laborious task but that’s not the case. With the help of certain tips and tricks, you will be able to retain the look and the quality of your precious jewelry for years to come.

How to take care of daily wear jewelry?

Maintaining daily wear jewelry is essential so that they sustain over a long period of time. Given below are certain ways through which you can maintain and preserve your jewelry: –

1. Choose simpler solvents: – In case you are planning to clean your jewelry it is best to stick to simpler solutions like soap, lukewarm water and soft brushes and fabrics. Usually, expensive solvents may be equipped with a higher percentage of alcohol which may in certain instances tarnish your stones and beads.

In case your jewelry needs to be cleaned with tough solvents carefully read through the product description to ensure that it’s fit for the jewelry type you are trying to clean.

2. Avoid sleeping with your jewelry on – To retain the structural integrity of your beads and stones make sure to not sleep with your jewelry on. The chain and the clasps of your jewelry are also susceptible to breakage or bending when worn while sleeping.

It is also unsafe to wear jewelry while sleeping as it may cause injuries. Therefore, it is best to wear your jewelry every morning and to take it off once you go to bed.

3. Store each piece of jewelry separately: – Make sure to store each piece of jewelry separately. Your beaded and crystal jewelry has a massive chance of securing scratches if they are stored together in a compact space. Moreover, the chances of tangling of chains and wires are also a common problem when jewelry is stored together.

You can choose to store them separately in zip lock bags or on muslin clothes to increase the longevity of your jewelry.

4. Keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight: – To retain the color of gemstones it Is of utmost importance that you keep them away from direct sources of sunlight. Other jewelry types should also be stored in dry environments to avoid tarnishing. Thus, make sure to store your jewelry in a cool and dry area.

5. Lay your necklaces flat: – To avoid tangling of wires it is important to lay out your necklaces flat and then store them. You can choose to hang them or store them in Ziplock bags specifically made for necklaces.

Thus, with the above-mentioned ways you can retain your favorite jewelry for years to come.

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