Seed Beads – a Must-have in Your Jewelry Boxes

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Bugle seed beads

In a world where fashion meets beauty, jewelry always has a powerful intervention. Jewelry has the oldest and most obtrusive habit of extracting one’s beauty in a distinctive art form.

It draws a fine line between fashion, that is trend, and style which is static. Beaded jewelry has always been a craze among mankind and has been in style irrespective of gender for ages. A bead is a small trinket that enhances the glamor of jewelry .It possesses a hole in the middle for stringing and shaping jewelry such as neckpieces, bracelets, ear studs, etc. This particular form of art is called “beadwork.” Beads come in various shapes, sizes, qualities, and shades and vary with the kind of ornaments. As this beaded jewelry business is always in style and never out of fashion, you must know about the top quality of beads and their ranges. Seed beads namely, 3-cut seed beadsare top-notch classified beads. There are also opaque, metallic, and color-lined glass seed beads. So, if you are not sure which beads to buy for your firm, then have a look at this article.

Seed Beads : These are spheroid-shaped beads of very small size and are used to create intricate jewelry and embroidery designs. This article primarily focuses on the concept and features of a 3-cut seed bead.

What is meant by a 3-cut seed bead?

3-cut seed beads are glass beads, tubular in shape and these are cut twice with a hexagonal surface for maximum sparkle. Due to the repeated cutting, these beads offer a brilliant shine to the jewelry which makes it a go-to bead on every at any time at any time.

Attributes that make a 3-cut seed bead a perfect choice for you:

If you are interested in investing in a 3-cut seed bead, then you must know some of its popular finishes –

1. Brilliant shine

The three-times cutting feature helps the bead to reflect light from different angles and adds a glow to this bead. As this has been one of the finest and most popular finishes of seed beads, you can easily indulge it in your contemporary art form as These beads are originally clear, and you can have a good face-off.

2. Wide range of finishes

The 3-cut seed beads , addressing the traditional base of artwork can be opaque, transparent, metallic, and matte which offers you to choose from a plethora of options. For instance, if you are working on shiny and shimmery jewelry, metallic seed beads are your best buddies. The matte finish is one of a kind that adds a velvety touch to your ornaments.


Despite the small size, 3-cut seed beads can withstand any sort of corrosion or abrasion because of their unique manufacturing technology. However, one has to use a sturdy beading thread to avoid mishandling due to the sharp edges.

The takeaway

By now, you have an idea of ​​​​the promising features of 3-cut seed beads. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in this high-quality seed bead, then take the advantage of online platforms to find out the best match for your business .

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