RSN Eebroidered boxes

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ISBN No.: 9781782216520
Title: RSN eebroided boxes
Author: Heather Lewis
Publisher Name: search press (UK)
Number of pages: 160

This exquisite and practical guide to creating and decorating embroidery boxes was written by Heather Lewis, a tutor of the Royal sewing school. It contains the history of embroidery boxes from the 17th century to today, and provides technology and guidance for stitchers who want to apply their skills to handicrafts.
You can try three projects: a small treasure chest with a curved cover and a dragonfly embroidered detail; A hexagonal box with a beautiful embroidered lid engraved with afternoon tea, and an intricate coffin with a mirror and a hidden drawer on the lid. Each has a template, as well as a lot of instructions on preparation, embroidery and construction.