Benton & Johnson 0.7-1.0mm Gilt Rough Purl Nickel Free

Product Code : 560-301X

Price 8.90 $

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Material: Metal
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Necessary materials for Goldwork.

Note: Each root is about 30-50 cm long. Silver-plated gold is easy to oxidize, please keep it carefully.

T&C originated in 1685. At the beginning of its birth, T&C focused on knitting, lace decoration, embroidery and other chiseling arts. The luxury of its gold silk and silver thread made it loved by the monarch at the beginning of its birth.

The family’s art of needle chiseling has been passed down from father to son, and has been favored by royal monarchs for 300 years. The upper-class British society called the family “the greatest designer and hand-crafted artist in the UK in three hundred years.”

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