Crafting Fun with Cube Beads: Creative Projects for Kids

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Crafting with kids is a great way to foster creativity and enjoy quality time together. Cube beads are an excellent option for engaging young minds in imaginative and hands-on activities, thanks to their vibrant colors and appealing texture. In this blog post, we will explore some exciting craft ideas for kids using cube beads. From designing bead mosaics to crafting friendship bracelets and keychains, there are endless possibilities for creative fun!

1. Keychains: Functional and Fun

Making their own keychains is a great way for kids to express their individuality while also creating something useful. Keychains can be made from cube beads that are truly one-of-a-kind. Here’s the procedure:

a) Materials Needed: Cube beads, keychain rings, beading cord or elastic thread, and optional letter beads or charms.

b) Step-by-Step:

  • To get started, choose some cube beads in their preferred hues.
  • To make a beautiful design, simply string the cube beads onto the elastic thread or beading wire.
  • Spell out a name, a phrase, or an initial with the help of some letter beads or charms.
  • Tie a knot in each end and slip the key ring through.

2. Friendship Bracelets: Beading Bonds

Friendship bracelets have always been a beloved craft for kids, standing the test of time. To add a unique touch to these cherished symbols of friendship, you can use cube beads. Here’s a simple guide on how to make cube bead friendship bracelets:

a) Materials Needed: Cube beads, stretch cord or embroidery floss, scissors, and optional clasps or fasteners.

b) Step-by-Step:

  • Select cube beads in a range of colors signifying your friendship’s significance.
  • Stretch cord or embroidery floss, about 18 inches in length, should be cut.
  • Be creative when you string the cube beads onto the thread or floss!
  • Finish the bracelet by tying a strong knot or fastening it with clasps.

3. Beaded Animals: Crafty Creatures

Encourage your child’s imagination to soar by making beaded animals with cube beads. This enjoyable craft not only provides entertainment, but also enhances fine motor skills and patience.

a) Materials Needed: Cube beads, beading wire or pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, and optional felt or fabric scraps for accessories.

b) Step-by-Step:

  • Make the torso out of cube beads and the limbs and tail out of smaller beads.
  • Create an animal’s form by threading beads onto a wire or pipe cleaner.
  • Put on some googly eyes and any other embellishments you choose.
  • Fasten the tails and your kid can start playing with his or her beaded animal.

4. Bead Puzzles: Fun and Educational

Create a fun and educational activity by making bead puzzles. Depending on your child’s age and skill level, you can create simple geometric shapes or more intricate designs.

a) Materials Needed: Cube beads, a string or rope, and a printed pattern of the desired form.

b) Step-by-Step:

  • Create a pattern on paper by printing a template or sketching a design.
  • Divide the thread or string into shorter lengths, and then string a row of cube beads onto each.
  • Bead the form or design by following the template and matching the beads to it.


Crafting with cube beads is a fantastic way for children to unleash their creativity, enhance their fine motor skills, and delve into imaginative play. From crafting bead mosaics to designing keychains and making friendship bracelets, these projects offer an abundance of fun and valuable learning experiences. Gather your collection of cube beads and embark on a wonderful creative journey alongside your young artists!

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