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Time : 2021-08-20
  • What is the difference between wholesale account and retail account?

The retail account can buy all the retail packaged products in the store, but the retail account can’t buy the wholesale packaged products, there is no trading limit. Wholesale account can buy all products.


  • What is the minimum order volume?

There is no minimum order for retail accounts, but the minimum order for wholesale accounts is $250.


  • Some things are missing in my order. What should I do?

Our products are delivered separately according to your order. If, for example, it contains goods from two different warehouses, then there will be two deliveries. The rest of the order will probably arrive soon


  • What is the offset scheme?

Usually when a customer purchases a product, I will return 5% of the order amount to your account for the next purchase. The scheme is not applicable to wholesale accounts.


  • Can I cancel my order?

Please email: info@finestbeads.com for all change or cancellation inquiries. Make sure to include your full name and order number.


  • Can it be delivered to my country?

We ship to all countries around the world. (Except for countries sanctioned by the United Nations, the United States and OFAC.)


  • How to pay?

You can pay directly through a credit card issued by Visa or Mastercard. You can also use PayPal (PayPal balance or credit card) or T / T telegraphic transfer.

After T/ T telegraphic transfer, please upload the payment voucher to the order directly. When we receive the money, we will deliver the goods immediately.


  • How long after payment?

Normally, we will complete the order within 72 hours (weekend and holiday will be postponed). We will contact you by email or telephone if the delivery can’t be made in time due to accidents.


  • Are all goods from stock?

Most of the products are in stock, and some products with insufficient inventory will prompt you to solve out. You can add it to the cart, but you can’t submit the order. It will be independent of the normal commodity. When it comes back in stock, it turns into a normal item in the shopping cart. Very few cases may have data deviation, we will take the initiative to contact you. If the item is out of stock after payment. We will notify you by email and issue you a partial refund.


  • The color difference of beads.

There may be some color difference in the production batch of glass beads. For example, Czech jewelry beads, different batches may have subtle color differences. It’s not a quality problem.


  • Color protection of plating products.

As for the color retention time of color plating products, there are great differences due to the use. Please avoid storage in high humidity environment. The erosion of color by sea water and sweat will have a certain impact.


  • Have another question?

Please contact us via the contact us page and our customer service team aim to respond within 24 hours.


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