Tips for Storing and Caring for Au Chinois Sewing Thread

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When it comes to sewing, whether you’re a seasoned tailor or a blossoming hobbyist, the quality of your thread is as crucial as your skill with the needle. Au Chinois sewing thread, known for its superior strength and vibrant hues, can elevate your projects from the ordinary to the extraordinary. However, even the highest quality thread can succumb to wear and tear if not properly cared for. Here are essential tips for storing and maintaining your Au Chinois sewing thread, ensuring each spool retains its quality and longevity.

1. Shield from Sunlight:

Au Chinois sewing thread is dyed to achieve its rich and lasting colors. To maintain these colors, it’s imperative to store your threads away from direct sunlight. UV rays can fade the vibrant colors and weaken the thread’s structure. Utilize a thread box or a drawer in a dimly lit room to keep your threads vibrant for years to come.

2. Avoid Humidity:

Moisture is a thread’s adversary. Storing your Au Chinois sewing thread in a humid environment can lead to mold growth and deterioration of the fibers. To prevent this, store your threads in a cool, dry place. Silica gel packets can be a great addition to your storage container to ward off any excess moisture, safeguarding the integrity of the thread.

3. Tangle-Free Solutions:

A tangled spool is a nightmare in the making. To keep your Au Chinois sewing thread spools organized and tangle-free, consider using spool holders or racks. These storage solutions not only prevent threads from becoming entwined but also keep them easily accessible for your next project.

4. Dust and Dirt Defense:

Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate on your thread, which can cause problems for your sewing machine and the quality of your stitches. Store your Au Chinois sewing thread in closed containers, clear plastic bins, or zippered thread bags to protect them from the elements. Make sure that the storage solution you choose is clean and free from any debris before placing your threads inside.

5. Proper Winding:

If you’ve used part of a spool, it’s important to ensure the end of the Au Chinois sewing thread is not left dangling. This can lead to knots and snags that can weaken the thread over time. Many spools come with a small notch or a tab where you can secure the thread end after use. If your spool lacks this feature, a small piece of tape can serve as a temporary solution.

6. Maintain tension:

The tension with which the Au Chinois sewing thread is wound on the spool is carefully calibrated for optimal use. Avoid re-winding the thread too tightly or loosely if you need to fix a messy spool. This can distort the thread’s natural tension and lead to uneven stitches or breakage.


By following these simple yet effective storage and care tips, your Au Chinois sewing thread will remain as pristine and robust as the day you bought it. Proper thread care not only ensures the beauty of your stitches but also the joy of seamless sewing for years to come. Remember, the thread you care for is the thread that carries the legacy of your craftsmanship.

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