Elegant Hardanger Embroidery

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ISBN No.: 9780975767702
Title: elegant hardener Embassy
Author: Yvette Stanton
Publisher Name: vetty creations

You can do Hardanger embroidery!
Have you always wanted to try Hardanger embroidery but thought it looked too difficult? Or have you mastered the basics and want new challenges? This manual will take you step by step from novice to advanced stitcher, with helpful diagrams and hints and tips at every stage. There are stunning Hardanger projects, graded beginner, intermediate and advanced, to guide you to your next level of expertise. You will refer to this Hardanger embroidery book again and again.

Discover what it is like to study as if this wonderful teacher were at your side, as you learn from this wonderful Hardanger embroidery book:
how to easily create the stitches of Hardanger embroidery
how to work those harder stitches that you donít get in beginners books
that you donít need to be afraid of cutting the fabric threads
hints and tips that you normally only learn in classes
how to fix mistakes
how to use your skills to work elegant Hardanger projects

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