Knowledge Capsule: What Are Czech Beads?

Time : 2022-05-23 Announcer : Yuming

As your New Year resolution, you decided that you will be picking up a new hobby. After months of trying out a lot of things, you have found that jewelry-making is your perfect creative outlet. Good for you! You will be happy to know that recently, there has been a huge influx of small businesses specializing in jewelry-making. Who knows, maybe you too will be able to turn your hobby into something big? But, to go down that road, you need to start by getting your basics right. You cannot just go into a beads store and browse through their catalog without knowing what best suits your needs. Don’t worry, we can get you started. The very preliminary thing you will need to know if you want to take up jewelry making is, of course, beads. But, out of the countless ones available in the market, which one should you start with? You will obviously go for the most popular one. Here is a brief guide on what it is and everything that you need to know as a beginner:


Introducing Czech Beads:

If you passed by a market and had a shiny beaded bracelet or earring catch your eye, you probably have seen a piece made with Czech beads. These are immensely popular with jewelry makers. Available in many shapes and hues, Czech beads are a dream to work with.


Although used in modern jewelry, Czech beads date back to 16th century Bohemia, now known as the Czech Republic. It was in this region that the glass-beads industry began as a cottage industry. Over time, it has continued to diversify around the world.


Czech beads are known for their fine polish that gives a dazzling shine to jewelry. Their smooth surface gives an aesthetic finish, and the kaleidoscopic colors make them perfect for jewelry, home décor, and textile embellishment. As a beginner, Czech Beads are a great choice because they will be easy to find at any well-known beads store.


Categories of Czech Beads:

Out of all the beads available in the market, Czech beads probably have the greatest variation to offer you. For a jewelry maker, this is very important because you get to use different shapes and colors, thereby adding character and appeal to your creative work. If you are shopping from a popular beads shop, you should be getting almost 60 different types to choose from. Take a look at some of their specifics:

  • Superduo: Superduos are two-hole Czech beads, also known as seed beads. Because of the double holes instead of the standard one, these beads are very stable on fabric.
  • CrescentWhat can be dreamier than moon-shaped beads on jewelry? Crescent beads are used for fun and trendy designs. These also come with two stringing holes.
  • GemduoGemduo is a diamond-shaped bead with a variety of exciting patterns. Their shape allows for a close-knit design and the fiery colors always appeal to customers.
  • GinkoShaped like beautiful Ginko leaves, Ginko beads can be strung together to bring beautiful designs to life. Many Ginko beads have a dual tone which makes them look magical!


Other than these four, you can also look for the following:

  • Flatduo
  • MiniGemduo
  • Nib-bit
  • Opal dyed fruit bead Arcos
  • Flat Bell
  • Candy Rose
  • Half Moon


Have these beads already made you put on your thinking cap? You must have already come up with fascinating designs you want to try on with Czech beads. Without further wasting time, place an order with a beads store. Do your market research and select a renowned brand like Finest Beads that guarantee only premier quality products. After all, you are a pro in the making. Only the best in the market befits you.

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