All You Need to Know About Using Chilli Beads for Making Jewelry

Time : 2022-08-23 Announcer : Yuming

Are you a fan of quirky accessories? Do you like to dabble in DIY jewelry making? We introduce you to chilli beads, something to add a trendy and quirky touch to your look! Beads come in diverse forms and shapes, and over the years, their demand in the fashion industry has made way for more diversification. It has led to the creation of unique pieces like chilli beads for jewelry making. Let’s explore further on this bead variety and learn some tips for using them in jewelry making.


What are Chilli Beads?

This variety of beads mimics the shape and form of chilli beans and comes with two holes. These are distinctive, and unique, adding more dimension to the jewelry design. You can pair this with normal-shaped beads to give more character to the piece. If quirky is what you want, that’s what you will get with this bead.


It accentuates the look and finesse of the jewelry, adding exquisite pattern, shape, and texture to the bead designs. However, jewelry is not the only thing you can weave using the chilli bead. You can expand your art skills by making decorative pieces too.


When shopping for chilli beads in a beads store, keep a few things in mind:

  • These beads have a very distinctive shape with a smooth finish, almost like a teardrop or a petal, so it is easy to confuse them with some other variety. You can enquire before buying the beads.
  • They are available in multiple colors; some have a shiny finish while others give a matte effect.
  • The standard measurement of a chilli bead is 11mmx4mm.


How to Use Chilli Beads in DIY Jewelry or other Artwork?

Here are some standard concerns and things to keep in mind when working with chilli beads.

  • This goes for all beads that have two holes. It is essential to check that both holes have a clear passage without any blocks. If not checked it can ruin your design and the pattern. Even if you miss a single hole in the entire weave you might have to re-do it, wasting all those hours spent on beads weaving.
  • Since it has a distinctive shape, it is important that you pay attention to the detailed dimensions before buying. People often confuse it with other long beads. Also, make sure that the beads do so with the design that you have in mind. Since these are unique in shape and texture, the design has to be complimented too.
  • A common mistake that people commit when working with a two-holed bead! Make sure that you weave through the same hole in the same pattern for all the beads till the weave is complete. Weaving incorrectly through the wrong hole can ruin your design.


Wrapping Up!

While it is true that chilli beads are unique and have a quirk factor, you must also care about the quality. The quality will depend on the reliability of the supplier or the beads store. Make sure that you buy from a reliable seller with a good market reputation like Finest Beads, the top ecommerce platform for decorative beads.    


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