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When you dive into the beadwork chronicles, you can find out how beadwork stretches back at least 40,000 years. The ancient human-made beads with many materials ranging from bone and clay to glass and more Artisans often strung beads together to create adornments like earrings and necklaces. However, over time beadwork techniques have become more advanced with crocheting and loom work. There are many beads used by artisans all across the globe. However, SuperDuo beads have become a hit in bead stores. Why? Dive in to know the answers!

But first, what are SuperDuo beads?

SuperDuo beads are Czech-made, two-holed glass beads in the seed shape. Although their shape is very much similar to the twin beads, they have very crucial differences. SuperDuo beads are primarily pressed glass beads with dimensional stability. They are not just coated crystals, but actual colored glasses with many coating options ranging from opaque and transparent to color-lined, matte, luster, Picasso, magic line, and AB coating. These beads come in a spectacular range of hues and when you buy them in bulk, they come with the most cost-effective price tag.

Beadwork with SuperDuo beads

Seasoned artisans are familiar with the fact that beadwork is the pillar of indigenous design. While many tribes hold different design specialties, modern beadwork artisans have come a long way by infusing one design with the other. Ranging from contemporary art and fashion to traditional fabrics, beads can be found in almost anything and everything.

SuperDuo beads are no exception. They can be used for a variety of things ranging from embroidery on bags and shoes to embellishment on fabrics and creating jewelry. Wondering what you can do with SuperDuo beads? Well, here’s a guide for you!

  • Clothes. If you want to inculcate the elegance and timeless appeal of embellishments into any piece of attire, beads can be a great option to start with.
  • Jewelry. Now, who doesn’t love beaded jewelry that gives a major retro as well as contemporary vibe? If you are into creating stunning jewelry pieces that would be eye candy for every age group, beads can be your one-stop solution.
  • Bags. Bags are one of the most versatile elements that you can use beads in. Create floral designs or just line the strap in seed beads, and you will be able to create a stunning bag that makes a statement instantly.
  • Shoes. Well, if you are customizing ballet shoes, beads can be an exceptional idea to add some jazz to the design.


Gone are the days when beads used to burn a hole in the craftsmen’s pockets. Now you can do bead shopping within a reasonable price range. Whether we are talking about getting Czech glass beads or other versatile fire-polished and table-cut beads, you can buy beads in bulk from a bead store and save more in the long run. Searching for an online store filled with variety when it comes to beads? Shop from Finest Beads now!

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