Seed Beads – an Element of Finesse in Your Jewelry

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Do you have a family jewelry business but do not know how to add a touch of oomph to the existing beaded ornaments? Then, investment in the right kind of seed beads is all you need. The perfect seed bead allows you to be in rhythm with contemporary fashion trends. The addition of seed beads in your trinkets elevates the overall beauty and glamor of the jewelry. It is versatile enough to craft various beading projects starting from simple bracelets to heavy necklaces. But choosing the ideal seed be ad is tricky if you are not clear about your project requirements or you do not know about the correct thread to string them on. This article will therefore assist you to select the best seed bead for your business. But, initially let’s explore what a seed bead means.

Seed Beads

These are spheroidal-shaped beads; composed mainly of glass. Sometimes, jewelers also use other materials such as plastic, ceramic, and metals. These are small yet homogenous in shape and size.

Types of finishes of seed beads

Seed beads are available in several finishes that can add texture and depth to the material. There are transparent seed beads that can absorb and reflect light and thereby shine at all angles. On the contrary, there are opaque beads that do not allow light to pass through, hence these have a solid color. Seed beads with an Iris finish, tend to portray multiple shades of color. Silk finishing provides a satin and smooth luster, whereas a matte finish adds a velvety touch.

6 characteristic features of seed beads:

  1. Uniform size – Seed beads, being of small size, are easy to handle. It ensures versatility in creating intricate patterns. There are also different kinds of cuts like 3-cut, 8-cut, 10-cut, etc.
  2. Wide range of colors – Companies generally offer a great range of colors to carry out bead weaving, embroidery, stringing, and much more.
  3. Durability – Since the beads consist of sturdy materials like glass, they are extremely durable and can tolerate disintegration to a great extent.
  4. Cost-effective – Most manufacturers supply beads at a very affordable rate which makes it easy on the pocket for both retailer and wholesaler.
  5. Well-Established Brands-Many Brands of Seed Beads Are Available in The Market. CZECHMATES, Matubo , and Preciosa Ornela Are The Popularrcic-Based B Rands, whereas toho is a japanese seed brand. All the Brands are well know for their innovative designs, shapes, and unique finishes of their beads.
  6. Dyed – Seed beads consist of a coating with a specific-colored dye. So if you are planning to consider a colorful project look, then these beads should be your ideal choice.


Now that you have an idea of ​​seed beads, it is up to you to choose the right one depending on your design, budget, and personal preferences. Go through the product range at Finest Beads, explore their collection and find the perfect bead for your next craft project.

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