All You Need to Know About Beads-the Jewelry Essentials

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Top Beaded Jewelry Trends You Must Know

Bead-embedded jewelry imparts a separate fashion quotient for ladies and even gents nowadays. These beads come in various shapes, sizes, qualities, and shades. The more precisely you understand the difference between different beads and their materials, the more you are on the right track of investment into beads. The most commonly used beads for contemporary jewelry are – plastic, glass, and crystal beads. All forms of beads have attracted people to embrace jewelry in a different art form. Let us now understand the concept of beads and the specialized Matubo beads.

Beads – The concept

Beads are composed of materials like wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, and metallic that are tethered together for ornamentation of jewelry and accessories, especially neckpieces and earbuds.
The business in beads and bead-implanted jewelry is currently trending and is quite profitable. Therefore, if you really want to step into this race, you need to know the minute distinction between beads very well and must also be well aware of the hassle of choosing and verifying various beads.

Beads – The types

Apart from traditional glass beads, fire-polished beads, and table-cut beads, one of the most popular and eye-catching beads is the Czech Beads. This finest bead is fabricated with perfection in beauty to make jewelry crafting more beautiful, spectacular, and easier. So, if you are purchasing beads for your firm, you must not ignore these extraordinary beads.
If you dig deep into classification, you will find that Matubo beads are specialized compressed Czech glass seed beads that are uniform in size and shape with nil defect rate. These ideal Matubo beads are useful for different embroidery and knitting purposes.

Why are Matubo Czech beads perfect for you?

Matubo beads are known for their high quality. They are extremely consistent in their size, shape, durability, and even glamour. With its elegant finish and durability, it has brought about a revolution in the world of beading.

Matubo – The Unique Bead and its Characteristics:

  1. Diversity in shape and size – The design of Matubo beads can never disappoint you since they come in different forms like 10 cuts and 3 cuts with several hole diameters. This feature helps you to opt for a range of creative possibilities when designing jewelry or other beaded items.
  2. Availability of different color options- There are nearly a thousand colors to choose from.
  3. Packaging – Matubo bead manufacturers offer products in different packaging sizes ranging from 10g to 500g.


Overall Matubo is a Czech glass bead brand that produces top jewelry brands, namely, Superduo, Ginko, and Gemduo. It is a suitable brand to craft top-notch pieces of jewelry. So, if you are in a dilemma about choosing the right bead to set up a flourishing business, you must consider the above factors now. Start your quest using online tools and shortlist the established brands. Next, compare the features, and price points of the products. Check the minimum order value, delivery options, payment modes, and cancellation policy and finally, you are good to go.

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