Fil Au Chinois Rayon Thread Pink No.7013 100m

Product Code : FR-AC-R-028

Price 7.50 $

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Color Code: 7013
material: 100% Rayon
Length: 100m
Thread diameter: 0.42mm
Size of spool: diameter 2.5cm, length 4.8cm
※ 6 Spools = 1 Box

This series of products provides 30 color options.

The name, fil au Chinois, dates back to a period in France when anything Oriental was fashionable. This interest for the Orient became very popular with the expedition to Egypt in 1798, by Bonaparte (the future Napoléon), Algeria’s conquest by France (1830) and twenty-five years later the opening up of China and Japan only reinforced this interest. The beginning of the brand Au Chinois was at the heart of this cultural movement. The idea was a success as it permitted the creation of a character easily identifiable and now legendary.

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