How to protect and preserve your beads?

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Beads have been a part of all cultures since time immemorial. In certain instances, in history, they were used for trade and commerce. They have a long and distinguished history, stretching back to 10,000 BC in Africa. Over the years, advances in technology and techniques have allowed for a variety of beads to be produced for use in the modern world. They serve as a form of self-expression and beads such as superduo beads and wholesale Czech beads are a fashion statement these days.

Beads can be used for a prolonged period if it is stored and cared for properly. Proper maintenance of beaded jewelry and supplies will help you prevent wear, tear, tangling or tarnishing of jewelry and supplies. This way you will be able to retain the natural beauty of the bead for years to come.

How to Protect and Store beads?

There are several kinds of beads and their protection measures are as mentioned below: –

  1. Seed Beads: – If you are a jewelry maker and you have a wide stock of seed beads you can arrange your beads according to size, shape and color. You can choose to invest in an organizer or a drawer to make the sorting process easier
  2. Crystal or Glass Beads: – Crystal and glass beads have a delicate surface and therefore you should prevent storing them in areas where they might be scratched. You can choose to store them in plastic bags but for a long-time use, you can store them in plastic organizers. Make sure to sort them according to size, color and shape.
  3. Sterling silver beads: – Sterling silver beads are prone to tarnishing therefore you can neatly sort them out and then store them in separate bags. You can then store them in drawers where they are not likely to be affected by humidity or temperature abnormalities. You can also store them in air-tight containers and zip-lock bags.
  4. Gemstone beads: – Gemstone beads are delicate and are prone to scratching when kept haphazardly. Therefore, the best way to store gemstones would be to store them in separate bags and then label them for easier identification. You can also choose to store them in strands to prevent them from rolling on plain surfaces

How to protect beaded jewelry?

  1. Storage: – Make sure to store your beaded jewelry in separate cloth or Ziplock bags. Avoid keeping beaded jewelry together as it may cause tangling, scratches and wear and tear.
  2. Where to wear your beads: – It is best to avoid wearing beaded jewelry while doing household chores. Avoid exposing your beads to humidity, high temperatures and sunlight.
  3. Taking care of your beads: – Make sure to wipe your jewelry before and after you use it. Use a soft cloth to wipe out dirt and oil from your beads. Avoid washing your jewelry with soaps or harsh chemicals.

Thus, by knowing how to take care of your beads you can enhance their durability and retain the color and shine of your beads.

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