The advantages of using Matubo beads for Jewelry making

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Beads are the most important aspect when it comes to designing jewelry. They are easy to work with and can help you create exquisite pieces of jewelry. Beaded jewelry can be styled with a variety of outfits and can help you accentuate the look of your outfit. It is the perfect option for styling outfits for both formal as well as casual meet-ups.

The major reason behind the popularity of bead jewelry is that it can be worn by anyone. It isn’t restricted to gender or the financial status of an individual. The second reason is the wide variety of beads such as Matubo beads, 3-cut and crystal beads which are now very easily available in DIY craft shops or online.

Advantages of using Matubo beads for beaded jewelry projects

There are several advantages of incorporating Matubo beads into your DIY projects and they are as follows

1. Low defect rate:- Matubo Czech glass beads are pressed glass beads that have a defect rate of almost 0%. It offers a wide variety of looks as it allows more thread passes and thus is the ideal choice for bead embroidery, macrame, knitting and wire work projects.

2. Perfected through innovation:– The origin of Matubo beads can be traced back to the Matura family. By using advanced technologies and by continuously innovating, their beads are now known worldwide for their unique shades, colours and lustres.

3. Customization of Jewelry:- By investing in quality Matubo beads you can create unique pieces of jewelry based on your preferences and your creativity. You can customize your jewelry and make them for yourself based on your sense of style. Moreover, it requires fewer investments and cuts down the cost of investing in defective or bad-quality jewelry.

4. Consistent sizes of the beads:- Matubo beads are preferred for their consistent sizes. This is a very useful feature as consistent sizing means easy availability of beads in DIY stores and that the sizes can easily be incorporated into designs.

5. Beautiful Finishes:– Glass beads are known for their beautiful finishes. This unique property is one of the main reasons for their rising demand. Matubo beads are available in a variety of effects such as chalk and metallic. Thus, a wide variety of jewelry designs can be made with this bead type. Therefore, it is a very versatile bead type and should be an essential part of your bead collection.

6. Multiple Uses:– Matubo beads can not only be used for jewelry making but also for other DIY projects such as knitting or crocheting. The larger bead sizes are an excellent choice for showing off seed bead finishes.

Incorporating high-quality Matubo beads ensures that your design lasts for a longer period thus it increases the longevity of your design whether it’s an intricate embroidery or a stunning pair of earrings. Thus, investing in good quality Matubo beads will help you create durable as well as remarkable pieces of DIY jewelry.

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